Monday, January 24, 2011

Where's My Wagon

Oh, I am so sorry. Here I start a new blog with all of these great intentions and get you all excited and. . . I stop posting!

Sick husband, sick kids, my part-time job (that seems more full-time than part-time sometimes), blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I guess you could say that life has been lobbing itself at me lately. Has anyone else noticed that when things get rocky, carbs and dairy seem to call your name? Loudly? Or is it just me that hears the siren song of All Things So Very Bad Yet So Very Yummy?

I did promise to keep it real on this blog, so I am just being honest: I have fallen off of the wagon. Hard.

I am not eating red meat, I am making healthy choices whenever possible (I ordered oatmeal at McDonald's last week!), and I am still making mostly detox-friendly dinners. But I have also had the following over the weekend: Coffee with with creamer, chicken in thai lettuce wraps, and. . . cheesecake. Oh, sweet, sinful, amazingly yummy cheesecake.

Want to know something? It all tasted amazing, but I don't feel good. I have headaches, feel fuzzy, and my system has alternated between being stopped up and. . . well. No need to be that honest.

Also, an interesting thing that I have noticed? I am hungry all of the time. Even after the cheesecake, I still wanted to eat. Even though I am consuming a ridiculous amount of calories and fat, it isn't satisfying. I eat something and feel. . . empty. I start foraging for something else to make me feel satiated within minutes of my last meal.

The scale has been slowing creeping back up. Nothing that anyone would notice but me, but I also notice a bit more bloat and that the jeans I so proudly fit into three weeks ago are still fitting, but not as well.

M is still going strong. I am so proud of his dedication. He was tested for celiac disease and the bloodwork came back negative, so he did add gluten back in, but he didn't love the way it made him feel.

All is not lost. I am still making a lot of healthier choices. We have gotten rid of a lot of the crap we had around the house and I have no plans to replace it. Overall, I am still eating far better than I was before, but I guess I just know how good I can feel when I eat even better.

So, I am going to rededicate myself to eating better this week. No sweets, no dairy, increasing the fruits and veggies. I am leaving gluten in for now and focusing on whole grains. But overall, I am going back to basics.

More recipes to come this week!


  1. I am so glad you posted this!!!! As I sit in my office, I have a mini kit-kat calling out to me. And I had ice cream this weekend! I am finding it SO much harder when I don't have my regular work week structure. It's really tempting to just have a bite of whatever the kids are eating (like ice cream)!
    I am definitely committed - there has been such a positive change in both my husband and myself - but it's nice ton see that I'm not the only one who occasionally falls off the wagon!

  2. I fall on and off the wagon all the time. It's only human, right?

    When I got off the detox and started figuring out real life, I incorporated organic milk, eggs and cheese (for me, L has already gotten organic milk from the get go) in to our lives and we don't eat it every day like we did before. Some things I just couldn't commit to permanently. But you're right, you do start realizing how crappy that stuff makes you feel after you've gone all in!